Little Meadow Nature Reserve

Little Meadow

Little Meadow was gifted to The Anne Carpmael Charitable Trust by the Goring and Streatley Environmental Group in February 2012. It is a floodplain wildflower meadow and an area of coppiced woodland that lies on the banks of the Thames south of Goring, next to Gatehampton railway bridge.  Approximately 2 acres in size, it is managed to protect and enhance the wide variety of native wild flowers. As well as their obvious aesthetic value, they provide nectar and pollen for a wide variety of insects including bees, hoverflies and butterflies.

Management of the site includes coppicing of the hazel and the meadow is mown in late summer.

The River Thames in the Little Meadow area provides habitat for the Common Clubtail, a very local dragonfly listed as Near Threatened on the British Red List.


Common Clubtail

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